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Make the Most of Baby’s First Christmas

Cherylyn Ng


Christmas is a precious time in every family’s life, but the addition of a new baby can transform this already magical time into the memory of a lifetime. Baby’s first Christmas is as beautiful and simple as it gets. You’ve not yet reached the years of lengthy lists to Santa and long nights wrapping presents. Instead, this is a wonderful time to create family traditions that will withstand the test of time.

Baby’s first Christmas is a milestone. With the festive decor and adorable outfits, it’s the perfect occasion to take photographs for scrapbooks and there’s no holiday card quite like one with a new baby as the star. Your little one may not know who Santa Claus is quite yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get him acquainted early on. This darling photo is the ultimate keepsake.

Adorable outfits, Baby’s First ornaments, and whimsical stockings! You’ll likely still have many gifts left over from the baby shower so instead you can spend time and money searching for the little things that make the holiday all the more special.

These little touches will grow to be part of your traditions, memories, and keepsake collection throughout the years.

Because you can forego the mountains of gifts, you can enjoy this simple time, focus on the spirit of the holidays, and create long lasting family traditions. Don’t forget to take pictures!