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Black & White: The Chic Option For Nursery Colours

Cherylyn Ng

Gone are the pink hues and baby blues, in are the blacks and whites. If you are looking for something different from the pinks, blues, and yellows that usually form the themes of nurseries, monochrome is the way to go. Not only is it chic and sleek, but it also serves as a gender-neutral design.

If you think that these colors are too bold for your baby's nursery, don't worry, you can easily soften up the look with textured rugs, comfy pillows, and cozy blankets. You can never go wrong with black and white. If you are not too crazy about your baby sleeping in a room resembling pink or white clouds, monochrome will do. What's best about it is that you will never have to worry about it matching with another color (if you do eventually decide to add one) because black and white match with everything.

Because it is a nursery, you still want it to be adapted to a baby's space. Is this possible without all the splashes of color? Of course! All you have to do is add a few baby mobiles, garlands, and fluffy cushions to space. This is where the fun all starts. Try using different materials to achieve the same color scheme effect. Feathers can make amazing garlands while cotton balls can be used to make mobiles that your child can stare at while lying in bed.

Playing around with prints is another way you can accomplish the monochromatic effect without it looking too dull. Choose one print to use as a theme or mix and match them. For example, you could have throw pillows in zebra print and a fluffy mat with a drawing of a panda. Your child will love growing up in a jungle-inspired bedroom with different animals all in black and white.

For your walls, you can paint them in dazzling white to complement the theme while using black lampshades. Polka dot is another style that looks beautiful in monochrome colors. Use polka dot print on one of the walls of your child's nursery if you'd like.

Bear Lamp Mat1.jpg

The best aspect about all this is that this kind of nursery can be used by both girls and boys without any of them feeling out of place. For couples that like to be surprised with the gender of their little one at birth, this is one of the themes they can use for the nursery beforehand. Whats more, you won't have to worry about your child outgrowing the colors of their bedroom as monochrome works for all ages. Even in their teens, when many kids choose to go the Gothic way, they will still appreciate the black and white theme.

For more inspiration, you can find many images online of what other parents have used for their children's rooms. However, remember that a personal touch is what makes the nursery all the more special.