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Pom Pom Craft Ideas For The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Cherylyn Ng


With Mother's day just around the corner, its time to get creative and resourceful. A perfect mother's day gift doesn't need to cost a lot of money. A gift of true genuity and love is not always found hanging on the rack of some expensive gift shop.

Sometimes, in order to portray appreciation and gratitude for your mum, you have to do it yourself. Thanks to the internet, we can now arm ourselves with endless ideas and crafts. Handcrafted gifts allow you to share something that you made yourself.

For the purposes of this article, we shall be looking at the different gifts you can make by using pom poms. Let us take a look.

Pom Pom Necklace

As women, Jewelry is the next best thing after a bouquet of flowers. Making it yourself will make it even more special. In order to make this necklace, all you'll need is some cord and felt balls.

You can attach the cord to a needle if you want. This will make it faster and easier to pull the cord through the felt balls. When choosing the felt balls, try selecting your mother's favourite colour. You can always add a note to compliment this gift.

Mustard necklace.jpg

Pom Pom Earrings

Pom pom earrings are cute and can go with almost every outfit. Compliment mom's style by adding something unique to her earring collection. To make this gift, all you will need is some studs/earring hooks and felt balls.


Knitting stitch markers/progress makers

This can be an invaluable gift to your mom. All you'll need are some rings, clasps and felt balls. Simply take a felt ball and attach a clasp on one side and a ring on the other. Simple, but very practical and useful.


Pom Pom Car Diffuser

This gift is not only thoughtful but achieves an aesthetic and practical purpose as well. It will help your mom relax during this long and stressful commutes. Also, every time she sees it, she'll instantly think of you.

So, you'll need some felt balls,  an essential oil of your choice, pegs and glue. Take the peg and brush some glue on one side of it. Then, on the side, you applied the glue, neatly place the felt balls.

Wait for the felt balls to dry on the glue before pouring some essential oil on them. Be sure to use an essential that your mom loves. Don't forget to be creative with the colours and the design.

2.5cm Multicolor Felt Ball_1.jpg


Handbag charms

Handbag charms have the ability to redefine and revamp the look of any bag. Its decorative nature makes the handbag stand out. You simply make a handbag charm that goes well with one of the moms' bags. Or you can even purchase a handbag, and make a charm to go along with it.

You will need a string, some felt balls, clasps and tassels. Select felt balls that can either match or contrast with the bag of choice. Tie the string to a needle, which will allow you to thread through the felt balls. Then at one end, sow on the tassel, and add a clasp to the other end.


Felt ball coasters/trivets

Moms love protecting their furniture, and one way they do that is by using coasters. Why not allow them to do it in a colourful and stylish way? You can make them some beautiful and unique coasters out of felt balls.

All you'll need are felt balls of different colours, and voila, you're coasters are ready.

Multicolor Trivet.jpg