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DIY Christmas Tree Card Tutorial

Cherylyn Ng

Christmas card.jpg

A little love and a little time are the best gifts you can give this holiday season. As you sort through the stack of holiday cards, you might notice that most, if not all of them, are mass produced prints. A handmade holiday card is a thoughtful touch that is certain to show your friends and family just how much they mean to you. This is one adorable holiday card your loved ones will be proud to keep on the refrigerator all year long.

You can enlist a crafting coalition and have a craft party to create cards for all of your friends and family. These handmade cards are simple but adorable and you can make them with only a few affordable supplies: cardstock, 1cm felt balls, pencil for marking, eraser, string, and needle. Once you gather your supplies, you can begin making these darling delights:

Christmas Card Tutorial_1.jpg

1.    Begin by drawing lines for the Christmas tree.




Christmas Card Tutorial_2a.jpg

2.    Use needles to make holes at the ends of each line. Once you’ve made the holes, erase the pencil markings.




3.    Thread the string through the needle and make a knot at the opposite end of the string.

4.    Begin threading from the bottom line of the tree and work your way across each line and up to the next, threading felt balls as you move along. We separated each by one or two lines each.

5.    Finish with a knot at the underside of the card as close to the card as possible to prevent sagging and snip off the extra string.

6.    Complete the card with a heartfelt Christmas message!

During the holiday season, it’s the little things that people tend to appreciate the most. Send these adorable little handmade Christmas cards to all of your loved ones and warm their hearts all year long!