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Planning a Breathtaking Baby Shower: The Ultimate Checklist

Cherylyn Ng

Your favorite mother-to-be is about to pop! It’s time to plan a baby shower, but there are so many odds and ends to remember. Whether you’ve been planning for months or you have to throw the ultimate baby shower together by the end of the week, this ultimate checklist will keep you on task and on time!


Who, What, When, Where, How Much


❏      Who is going to host the event? Will there be a co-host? Don’t forget about a guest list, be sure to include all of mother-to-be’s VIPs.


❏      What kind of baby shower will it be? Themed? Co-Ed?


❏      This one is self-explanatory. Remember to speak with the mother-to-be’s VIPs (family and best friends) to be sure that they’ll be available and keep her available for party time.


❏      Where will you hold the party? Does someone in your group have room for a party? Does the mother-to-be have a favorite restaurant with a party room?

How Much

❏      Set a budget for yourself. Will you be paying for the entire party? Will others contribute?


Decorations, Favors, Snacks, and Games - Oh My!


❏      Get on websites like Pinterest to gather ideas for decorations, favors, games, and even invitations.


❏      You may want to stick with traditional games, but there are plenty of games you can play that you can work into your theme.

❏      How long do you want to spend on each game or playing games in general?

❏      If your party is co-ed, will the games be fun for everyone?


❏      If you’re going the DIY route, make a list of all of the materials you need and call some of the party attendees together for a craft party!

❏      If you’re not so craft savvy and prefer the store bought route, make a list of everything you need, go shopping, and store your swag away until it’s time to decorate.

Menu Planning

❏      If your venue is outside of a restaurant, decide whether you’ll be providing a meal, snacks, or a potluck style dinner.

❏      Planning for a cake or other pre-made goodies? Put in your order early on to ensure availability.

❏      Don’t forget about plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery when making your shopping list.


Gifting and Invitations

Baby Registry

❏      Though the mother-to-be will put together the baby registry, it’s important for you to get the registry details to the guests.


❏      Send out the invitations to the previously mentioned guest list.


11th Hour Madness


❏      Follow-up with invitees that haven’t RSVP’d or were unsure of their final answer.


❏      Gather the troops together and assemble decorations, favors, and make ahead snacks. Get all of your decorations set up ahead of time if possible so you can spend your time greeting guests and cooking, if necessary.

❏      Ensure that you have enough seating available at your baby shower venue.


Day of the Event

Loose Ends

❏      Do a final tidying.

❏      Set up any necessary seating and decorations.

Get cooking (if applicable)

Thank You's!

❏      Keep track of who brought food (if applicable) and who provided which gift so you can issue out Thank You cards later.


Planning a party is a lot of little moving parts. Keep party planning organized so you can enjoy the process of celebrating your loved one and her little baby-to-be.