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Kids’ Room Organising Tips

Cherylyn Ng

There’s no way around it - most times, where there are kids, there’s clutter. Between toys, clothes, and keepsakes, it can feel like taming the toy tiger is next to impossible. With a few key tips and the right tools, you can retire your “Clean your room” battle cry.


Take advantage of built in energetic shifts. Birthdays, seasonal changes, moves, and even new furniture! These are all good occasions to take initiative and assess your clutter. Create a ritual around these times and your little ones will feed off the exciting energy.

Eye-catching Storage

Both you and your children are more apt to use storage that's visually appealing. Baskets, drawers, bins - oh my! The options are limitless. Though there are many wonderful choices ready for purchase, putting your own artful touches on plain storage with your children is a fun way to add decorative storage to their rooms. They'll love using their new personalized bins time and time again!


Review and Reduce

Many people misunderstand the concept of minimalism. The underlying principles of minimalism aren't based on getting rid of everything, but rather about truly embracing and savoring the things you love the most. First, you must go through your collection of toys, books, clothes, and more to reduce excess. The energetic shift times mentioned before are great occasions to review your items and ensure that each has a purpose or precious meaning and is regularly put to use.

Create a Habit

Routines are the basis for a happy, healthy productive life. Help you children create a habit of tidying as they go and there'll be little to no need to go through huge cleaning spells. This is a habit they will take with them throughout life! Additionally, when you create a routine or habit it becomes so second nature that it isn't necessary to think about doing it and you're less likely to view it as a "chore".


With these little tips, you can tame the "toy tiger". Incorporate fun, decorative storage solutions to entice little ones (and yourself) to keep things organized and tucked away. Take advantage of holidays and the changing of the seasons to review and reduce your clutter. The time to tidy and organize doesn't have to be a battle, instead use it as an opportunity to help your children create lifelong habits to stay tidy and organized.