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Fun Ways To Document Your Baby's First Year

Cherylyn Ng

As a mum, when you are in the thick of it, your baby's first year seems to drag on forever. The sleepless nights, the constant diaper changes, the breastfeeding… It may seem like you are stuck in an endless year. However, speak to any mum with an older child and they will tell you that the first year goes by the fastest.

Given that it is the year with the most milestones to be achieved within a short period of time, it is a good idea to document as much of it as possible so you can look back at the memories in future. Here are a few creative ideas you can adapt to document your child's first year.

1. Time-lapse video. Don't you just love those videos that seem like the camera was recording during every single moment of your child's growth? These are a happy, adorable way to document that eventful first year. You can create one using just the highlights, create a month by month time lapse, or if you are really dedicated, compile a video capturing a second from each day of the year.

2. Create a Milestone info-graphic. Instead of focusing as much on photos, take note of firsts – first steps, first words, measurements, favorite food, the day when each tooth came in and more. Put this together in a fun image either digitally so you can share with others or on a board that you can hang up in your house.

3. Sew a quilt. If sewing is your thing, this is an activity you will love. Sew a quilt using outgrown clothes from every month of the year. If you are sentimental about outgrown clothes, this is one way you can always keep pieces of all your favorite baby clothes.

4. Travel to a new destination every month. If you are really adventurous, travel around the continent with your baby. If you are a bit more reserved, take a trip to a new place every month. It doesn't have to be fancy, it can even be a picture at a Starbucks you have never been to.

5. Social media. This must be the easiest way to document your baby's first year. All you have to do is click and share. It's not rare to find people posting baby photos on their Facebook or Instagram accounts. Some of these sites even put together a video presentation of all the pictures you have shared within the year. Be careful about the content you put up on social media as it is up for public scrutiny and opinions.

With all these, all you need is a creative mind and the time to put everything together. Ask your spouse to help you and take it up as a couple's project. If you have older children, they definitely will have a lot to add to the piece through their own interactions with their baby brother or sister.